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Webcam Girl answers frequently asked questions

(Q) First things first... How old are you & your boyfriend?

I'm 23 and my boyfriend Chuck is 28

(Q) How old were you when you first started camming?

I started when I was 21 but I've taken extended breaks from camming to pursue other interests.

(Q) How long have you been dating each other?

We've been together for over 3 years

(Q) What's the most disturbing thing you've ever seen a fellow cam girl do?

There was this one girl on Chaturbate playing with her tampon and then she peed in a bowl and drank it like a cat.

(Q) What got you interested in earning fat stacks broadcasting on Chaturbate?

A high sex drive and lots of time to kill. It seemed like a super fun way to make money and talk to people from all around the world.

(Q) How did you know where to start?

You just go with it. Turn that webcam on, loosen up and have fun. Cam Girl Guide is a great resource on getting started, as well as asking questions to anyone you see camming. The great thing is, ANYONE can be a cam model/broadcaster. The terms are used interchangably.

It doesn't matter how you look, or what kind of shape you are in. There's a niche for everything. If you're a guy and just want to make some extra bucks, you can masturbate on cam and build a following. People are generous and they will tip you for your time and for providing a great show. If you're a girl, you'll do even better $$$ wise. There really is someone for every taste. Your personality and interaction goes a long way and if you're nice to your viewers, you will be rewarded as a broadcaster.

(Q) Jerk off on cam...? Guys can do it and actually get paid?! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

lol, of course you can. You can sign up to become a broadcaster on Chaturbate's offical sign up form -- You'll get approved as long as you are 18 and submit age verification (scanning a photo ID and then e-mailing it). I'm actually surprised more men don't sign up. Seriously... get paid for.. jerking off.

(Q) What if people are worried about being recognized?

I'm glad you asked that. On Chaturbate, you don't have to show your face on cam if you don't want to. You could even wear a mask or some other kind of disguise if you wanted to! You don't even need to get naked. Some broadcasters just 'hang out' fully clothed and still earn tips because they're awesome.

(Q) What were some of your early jobs before camming?

Chuck was military, and I was an hourly manager at a fast food place. It was awful.

(Q) Despite the glory of Chuck's cock needing to be on cam can you describe some fears either of you may have had and how you got past them?

I think the biggest fear was having people stalk us. But Chaturbate has done an excellent job at keeping our personal information safe.

(Q) Besides just being on cam you both seem to really enjoy the chatting and the interaction you have with the fans. Can you talk a little bit about that? Are either one of you shy?

I used to be extremely shy, but camming has definitely helped me to open up. Chuck has always been outgoing and the life of the party.

(Q) When you're not camming... What do you guys like to do in your free time?

We're both in school so we spend a lot of time stuck at our computers, but we like to go on this one site called to unwind a little and chat. We are on Poo almost every night (DON'T judge it by its name!!!). You've probably never heard of this strange sounding place... But it's this amazing site with amazing people whom I'd call my friends... and it makes computer time so much better. Chuck and I have a very active sex life; we like to watch movies and we like to shower every night together before bed. I also like to blow him while he watches hot videos on his favorite tube site,

(Q) You guys are very successful on Chaturbate.
How long have you been on there? Was your room always a hit?

We started on Chaturbate in September 2012. Right away we were one of the most popular couple's cam. Which is the great thing about Chaturbate, it really is easy to be successful there.

(Q) On average, how much money can you typically make camming from home?

There is really no upward limit to how much you can make. If you were completely devoted to camming, you could bring home 5 figure checks every month. If you're busy with other things in your life, it is still a very realistic goal to make over $100 from a couple of hours of work in one cam session each day.

(Q) What advice would you give to someone who might be considering camming from home to earn some extra money?

Be vocal. One thing that held me back early in my career was not talking. I felt silly talking to a computer screen but the tippers really like the interaction and will make them want to give you money.

(Q) What do you love about Chaturbate and why would you encourage others to sign up as a broadcaster?

I didn't start at chaturbate, I satrted at a bigger site and there were so many models that had been there for several years, that I got lost in the mix. Chaturbate is different in that they give every model an equal chance to get to the first few rows of broadcasters and gain exposure even as a newb.

(Q) How has camming changed your life?

Camming has made me a lot more outgoing and it has also provided us a lot of financial benefits. Unlike most Americans, we don't live paycheck to paycheck. And we can afford to treat ourselves to nice things without having to pinch pennies and save.

(Q) Besides the easy money camming, what are some of the lesser known perks to being a webcam girl?

It's a MASSIVE ego boost! Tons of people are complimenting you and giving you money for the chance to interact with you.

(Q) What if someone signs up to be a broadcaster and hates it?

Easy. If you try camming and decide you don't like it for whatever reason... just turn off your webcam. You can completely turn/walk away and you're not obligated to any kind of committment. You don't have to work a certain amount of time. It's very simple to test it out for a few days, or a week, and see if it's for you. If not, it's no biggie.

(Q) How much does a token convert to?

Whatever token amount you see: Divide that by 20. Everytime you see someone get tipped 100 tokens, they just made $5. (100/20 = $5)

(Q) How often are Payments mailed to you?

Checks are sent out the 1st and 15th of every month, so twice a month. Chaturbate even just added Direct Deposit as a payment method!!! Woohoooo

(Q) How long does it take to get verified?

Verification should happen within 24hrs, assuming there's no problem with your identification methods. But, it is possible it may take a little longer depending on whether or not they're overloaded. If someone has a problem getting verified though, you can e-mail shirley [at] - she's really nice!

(Q) Last but not least... We gotta ask. What's the highest tip you've ever received?

The highest single tip I ever received was 5000 tokens which equals $250. The tipper didnt even have any requests he just liked talking to me. Other very generous tippers have given several thousand tokens in a single night.

(Q) Where can we find you? It's been a pleasure to interview you! - I'm on most nights.
You can follow me on Twitter, and I even have my own website that I started. You can also find me writing quite naughty, dirty, anonymous confessions (shhh, don't tell anyone) here

Thanks for interviewing me, Stewey, & taking an interest in what we do.
I hope to see many new broadcasters signing up. It's so rewarding and fun.
The money isn't too bad either!! ;)


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